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Chris Westray

Modern living can be hard and while we hope that we will be able to cope if we’re feeling low, anxious or distressed; sometimes coping just isn’t enough. 

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you find structure and stability when things feel chaotic. It can help when it feels like no one around you understands what it’s like to be you; when the way you feel makes no sense; or if you no longer feel that you're in control.

I am a UK based, state registered Psychotherapist accredited with the HCPC. I have an MA in Art Psychotherapy as well as an M.Ed in Educational Leadership. I am certified in Mental Health First Aid and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Therefore, I work from an integrative framework which involves Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Solution Focussed approaches. We explore deeply, discover and then set goals and take action if needed.

I have worked as a Psychotherapist in the NHS, The Priory, South West Adoption Service, as well as, award winning Bristol based mental health charity, Off The Record. I have maintained a thriving private practice catering to a broad range of clients.

I have helped clients presenting with mild to acute conditions to process trauma from unexpected change, abuse, bullying, sexual assault, divorce, relationship break down, and loss. I have helped clients presenting with indecision, grief, addictions, generalised anxiety, depression, social anxiety, psychosis and self harm.

As part of our sessions, I might encourage image making if appropriate. This use of creativity is not about being good at art, it is more about using another means of communication in order to access deeper self knowledge. I have been inspired by the work of Peter Levine and Bessel Van Der Kolk in the use of artistic means and the body to process deeply held trauma. This can be done in an online capacity, all you need really are some basic art supplies. Art making can also be a nice escape and has proven to be a way to calm, mindful being for many people no matter one's skillset.


With uncertainty comes a great deal of anxiety. Many young people will find our current times to be especially challenging. I have had extensive experience providing counselling and art therapy to children and young people. Many young people find the art process a highly effective and non confrontational way of expressing that which is hard to say through words alone. This method of working with young people has yielded excellent and consistent results. 


For further information and to ask any questions please visit:

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