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Sycamore House

Kingswood Estate


BS15 8DB

The entrance to the estate is from Kennard Road, opposite Hillside Avenue.

To contact Sycamore House please email us on:

Or call

Pavla on 07492749399 or

Kirsti on 07422504578

How to find us

As you enter the estate you will pass some trees and lawns to your left, the road slightly forks and please take the left fork.  This will take you to the car parking, area and a beautiful big chestnut tree in the middle of the green.  Straight ahead you will see CYN reception and White Elephant café to the right.  To the left, in the furthest corner you will see a big letter F and a red sign saying South East Wing.  You will see a sign with the Sycamore House name and logo on the external wall to the right of the green door under the South East Wing sign.  This is the main entrance to Sycamore House Bristol.

For your first visit to Sycamore House we have advised practitioners to meet clients at the entrance door situated under the South East Wing sign, however please confirm this with your individual practitioner. Once in the building you will see signs and directions to Sycamore House Bristol.  The rooms are on the first floor.